Super Bowl Showdown in Miami

Super Bowl Showdown in Miami

This Sunday, the Kansas City Chiefs faced off against the San Francisco 49ers in Super Bowl LIV. The Chiefs had previously won only one Super Bowl, Super Bowl IV. Half a century later they are back to try and secure another, but on the other side stand the 49ers with five previous Super Bowl victories. 

Kansas City Chiefs’ Head Coach Andy Reid has been a coach in the NFL for 21 years and is currently in his seventh season with the Chiefs. Sports Illustrated stated that before this year’s Super Bowl, Reid had won 221 games overall, which made him the winningest coach without a Super Bowl win. The San Francisco 49ers’ Head Coach Kyle Shanahan joined the team in 2017 and made the Super Bowl within just three seasons of coaching. 

The Chiefs took the lead in the first quarter with a touchdown, while the 49ers mustered only a field goal. However, the tides turned in the second quarter. While the Chiefs collected a field goal, they conceded seven points to a touchdown from the 49ers.

Entering the third quarter of the game, the two teams were tied 10 to 10. However, the 49ers eventually stole the lead by scoring a field goal, a touchdown, and gaining an intercepted throw from the Chiefs offense. This streak put the 49ers in a 10 point lead over the Chiefs, who were struggling to break the ironclad defense put up by San Francisco.

Even so, the fourth quarter was the defining quarter of the game.

Despite being down by 10 points at the end of the third quarter, Chiefs Quarterback Patrick Mahomes said, “We [the Chiefs] never lost faith.”

The Chiefs acted quickly in the fourth quarter, and scored another two touchdowns to overtake the 49ers. With a few minutes in the game and three timeouts, there was still a chance that the 49ers could retake their lead. Unfortunately for the 49ers, their hopes of victory were quickly dashed as the Chiefs running back Damien Williams took a carry for 38 yards across the goal line, cementing an 11 point lead for the Chiefs. Although the rest of the game dragged on for another few minutes, both teams were accepting the facts of the game: the Chiefs had won their first Superbowl in 50 years, and the 49ers had lost.

As reported by ESPN, Andy Reid wants another Super Bowl win.

“I’m really excited about it,” Reid said. “You get one, you want to go get another one. But we’ve got to backpedal for about a minute and enjoy this one and [then] we’ll get busy on the next one.”

Following his success in the game, Mahomes became the youngest quarterback to win Super Bowl MVP at the age of 24. According to CNN, Mahomes also joins the two other quarterbacks who have won a Lombardi trophy before the age of 25, Tom Brady and Roethlisberger.