Introducing Farragut’s Newest Club: Mountain Biking Club

Introducing Farragut's Newest Club: Mountain Biking Club

Farragut is a school with many clubs that cover all types of activities, but none may be more unique than Farragut’s newest club. This club is the mountain biking club, and it was actually founded by a couple members of the Journalism class, Christian Rees and Tony Lyons, as well as their close friend Nathan Miller. 

When asked about why the club was founded, Rees was able to provide some very insightful information.

Rees stated, “We wanted to educate people about what mountain biking is and teach people all about how to mountain bike as well as the best spots in our local area. We really all just had a great passion for mountain biking and thought this would be the perfect platform for us to share that passion with others who may be interested in learning.” 

Lyons was also able to provide some further information that any individuals in joining the club would need. 

Lyons said, “We actually just had our first meeting so it is definitely not too late to join, so just contact Christian, Nathan, or myself if you are interested at all in joining. It is also totally okay if you do not have a mountain bike as you do not need one to be in the club. All you need is the right attitude and an interest in mountain biking!” 

Farragut’s vast number of clubs has a new one among its ranks and with passionate and with experienced individuals in charge such as Lyons and Rees, the future of the Mountain Biking Club is most definitely in good hands. They have big plans for the club and are very excited to see what all they can accomplish.