Is Breakfast the Most Important Meal?


Breakfast is the first thing that a person eats when he or she wakes up. Whether it is eaten early in the morning or late in the afternoon, it is still considered “breakfast”. The word breakfast literally means what breaks someone’s fasting from the night before. This first meal of the day is the most important because it is what reintroduces food into the body after not eating for around six to eight hours. 

A photo example of a healthy breakfast.

The great thing about breakfast is the benefits that come from what is eaten. According to Rush Health and Wellness, “Probably the most appealing benefit is that breakfast jumpstarts your metabolism and, thus, helps you burn more calories throughout the day.” 

This is beneficial because people are typically attempting to lose weight or stay in shape. By eating breakfast, the metabolism inside the body becomes more active. 

Another amazing benefit of starting the day with a balanced breakfast, is that consuming something early in the day improves a person’s memory. This comes in handy when a student is preparing for an exam. The student should have a balanced breakfast in the morning before the exam to enhance their memorization skills.

According to Ascension, “Studies show that students who eat breakfast perform better on math, matching, memory and creativity tests.”

People who eat breakfast regularly believe that if they skip this meal, then they will struggle throughout the day in areas such as their mood and possible weight gain. Breakfast is a need for anyone who wants to follow a healthy lifestyle. Obviously, the first meal of the day is the most important meal of the day.