The Coronavirus is No Laughing Matter


I am sad that I have to write this article, but it is a necessary update in where I need to admit to being wrong about the virus known as COVID-19, or coronavirus. The coronavirus has been established as a pandemic for over a month now and has impacted the United States and the rest of the world immensely in the time since my last article. The virus has completely taken the United States by storm with the case numbers being roughly 429 thousand times more than they were at the time of my first article. While this figure seems crazy it is true, with the United States just recently surpassing one million cases. Life has been entirely different since my last article on COVID-19 and my opinion on the virus has changed entirely as well. We should continue to take this virus extremely seriously until we get a handle on it. By now, we all have seen just how fast the coronavirus can spread. 

In just a little over a month since my last article, coronavirus has impacted every single American citizen in one way or another. In this time the government has issued a national quarantine that has led to the closing of schools and cancellation of sports nationwide. They have also issued for the closure of all non-essential businesses which has led to skyrocketing unemployment. Not to mention that in my short time on this Earth, I cannot remember a time where things have been so uncertain. 

The United States has become the most affected nation by the virus with almost 5 times the number of cases as Spain, who has the second most number of cases. A large portion of the United States cases can be traced to two states, New York and New Jersey which combine for over 400 thousand cases. A large reason for these two states contributing so heavily to the number of cases is simply due to the fact that they both have cities with very high population densities, and in a combination with the high transmissibility of COVID-19, the number of cases has become incredibly high. The usually vibrant streets of New York City have become deserted due to people’s efforts to stop the spread of the virus. 

In conclusion, I did not write this article with the intent to scare anybody or bring the mood down, but instead to acknowledge that I was wrong and to spread even more awareness on how serious this situation is. Everybody should do their best to stay inside and not let this get any more out of control. I encourage everybody to try and stay connected through means of FaceTime or social distance hangouts. While this has not been easy for anybody, I am certain that this country will be able to get through this challenging time.