Update on Social Distancing Guidelines and Reopening the Country

Update on Social Distancing Guidelines and Reopening the Country

The COVID-19 pandemic has taken the United States along with the rest of the world by storm. With conflicting ideas of how to proceed with social distancing measures and reopening the country, things are as uncertain as ever. Some states, like Georgia, have decided to almost completely reopen, while others, like New York, have extended their stay at home orders for the time being.

Protests have erupted in the past few weeks by people wanting to go back to normal, and demanding the nationwide social distancing and stay at home orders be lifted. While others are pleading with the public to stay home to protect those more vulnerable in their communities.

The United States economy was hit hard by the virus, and over 30 million people claimed unemployment in the past six weeks. Though people are eager to get back to work, it is unclear how safe it is at the moment. Each state is handling its reopening plans differently. A handful of states, like Georgia, South Carolina, and Tennessee have decided to reopen non-essential businesses on an in-person basis, with certain restrictions and guidelines to keep things clean and safe. States on the East Coast and West Coast have come together to form coalitions to work on “regional recovery plans.”  These states have decided any decisions they make on reopening, they will make together. 

Though the number of cases seems to be coming down, this doesn’t mean the virus is over. The beginning of this month was met with the deadliest day for the U.S. with nearly 3,000 Coronavirus deaths in 24 hours. Doctors and medical professionals warn the public that it is very likely the number of cases will spike if people begin to resume their day-to-day lives immediately . For this reason, the reopening of non-essential businesses has been met with so much criticism.  

Overall, these are unprecedented times, and governors are just doing what they think is best for their state and residents at this moment.