What To Do For Your Quarantine Birthday


Many people are having a hard time celebrating their birthdays during this time of strict social distancing regulations. Many of the typical birthday activities such as parties, going out to eat, and hanging out with loved ones and friends, are not possible because of the Covid-19 Pandemic. Even though the celebration may be a little different than you expected, here are some ways to keep your birthday fun and exciting.

Do a Birthday Parade

A car parade is a great way to surprise a friend and make their day special. Gather a group of friends, make posters, and line up your cars as you slowly parade in front of the receiver’s house. You can decorate your car with balloons and markers, and wish the person happy birthday from your car. Just make sure to stay in your car and keep your distance. 

Games and with Family

During the lockdown, you are probably spending a lot of time with your immediate family. One way to keep things fun on your birthday is to set up activities and games to play with them. You could do things such as pinatas, board games, movie marathons, or tie-dying shirts.

Thomas Hill, who recently celebrated his 9th birthday in quarantine said, “I had fun playing board games and video games with my family.”

There are lots of fun things you can do while staying in your own house. 

Zoom or Netflix Party

Modern technology has made this quarantine much easier for many people. With Facetime and Zoom, you are able to talk to friends and loved ones while also staying safe. Organize a time on your birthday for all of your friends to get on so they can wish you a happy birthday. Netflix also has added a feature where you can chat with friends on a sidebar while you watch the same thing. Both of these things are ways you can connect with others on your birthday and feel less isolated.