Furry Friends at FHS


Taken in Petland.

What do you think of when you think of animals? I imagine a companion and a friend that brings joy to others. 

It seems to be widely known that there are positive impacts from animals, so how would animals have a good effect on students in a school? Some of Farragut High School’s students shared their thoughts and opinions on this subject.

Stina Daniel, 9/16/20

According to Madelyn Snow, “Yes, I think it would be a beneficial thing to have animals, because it would make school less stressful and I think people would be a lot happier to be at school, and that it would lighten up the mood.”

It was said by multiple interviewees that they think dogs would definitely be the number one option if we had animals at Farragut High School.

It was said by Alexis Howard that, “Definitely dogs, I would think would make great companions for students.”

Alex Kate Cole also had a great idea to, “Have hypoallergenic dogs, for people who have allergies to lessen the risk.” 

I think having animals would be amazing for many people!  Personally I have really bad anxiety, and I have animals at home and whenever I get stressed out with homework, I take a 5 minute break and spend time with my dogs and kittens, and afterwards the majority of my stress disappears. I become calm and able to continue working on my homework. 

Two of my kittens.

So if we had a couple of animals in school and could get to see them when we really need to, it would be very helpful. For example, if there was one dog in the guidance office that would be very adequate and make peoples’ day. 

Even though we may have a couple of dogs from time to time, it would be even better if we integrated dogs that are here daily and as a more permanent solution. This again would be accommodating to relieve everyday anxiety and de-stress students in school.