Why Phone’s Are One of the Most Toxic Things We Own

Why Phone’s Are One of the Most Toxic Things We Own

While cell phones are a necessity at this day and age, many do not realize how cell phones truly take over our whole life. A simple cell phone can not only waste your precious time of being productive, but can also ruin many of your relationships at the same time.

Based off of abcnews.com, teens can spend around “seven hours a day on their devices.”

Think of how many tasks you could get accomplished in seven hours instead of staring at a screen. 

One main problem that has become worse and worse throughout the years is cyber bullying. Kids go through their phone to try and stay up-to-date, and communicate with their friends, however, do not realize the dangers that come in place with that. Many teenagers are already put under tremendous amounts of  grief and stress, and having bullies over the phone can make them increasingly unbearable to deal with what is going on. Many find it difficult to ask for help, which then leads to mental health problems. 

Have you ever got into an argument with your significant other or friend over the phone, and the situation just gets much worse because you can’t work it out in person? I know for a fact that I have, and I know the situation would not have got near as bad if we were face-to-face. 

You are only a teenager once, and being on your phone for hours and hours a day can make you miss out on so much that there is to experience as a teenager, or even as an adult. Many people do not even realize how much they are on their phones a day, until they look at their screen time for that day and realize they’ve been on their phones for over half of the time they were awake. As a result of teenagers over using cell phones, teens are being impacted emotionally, socially, and physically. Cell phones can make you feel anxious, can cause depression, and can make you have a low self-esteem about yourself. You see on social media all of the superior events that are going on in people’s lives, however, you can not see what goes on behind that screen that people do not post about. When teenagers see on social media  all of the amazing things that are going on with  their peers’ lives, it can make them feel like they are the only one that is struggling. That they are different and that their life has to be perfect, even though it will not be. This contributes to their mental health which can then cause severe depression. 

Not only can cell phones be a mental problem, it can also become a health problem. Among many teens, increased cell phone use can cause headaches, shortness of temper, sleep disorders, depression, and decreased attention. One of the main physical problems cell phones can cause is eye problems. It causes strain to the eyeball, which can lead to more problems down the road. Based on many studies from doctors, the radiation from your device can also give you a greater chance of getting brain cancer. 

Representative of the fact of how phone’s are toxic.

I decided to interview some of my peers on how long they are on their phone a day. When I looked at my results, the average answer was 8 hours a day. Many were even embarrassed to give me their screen time results. Because I wanted to help myself, my peers, and readers, I decided to look up some ways that can help with phone addiction.

Based off of the website CNBC.com, they suggest, “Keep yourself on a schedule, turn off as many push notifications as you can, take distracting apps off of your home screen, kick your device out of bed, and stay accountable.”

Doing these suggested tasks can hopefully help many with their addiction, and go out and accomplish so much more!


Many miss what is going on around them, and loosing precious time with the people they love.