The World Food Programme Wins the 2020 Nobel Peace Prize

The World Food Programme Wins the 2020 Nobel Peace Prize

The World Food Programme has been awarded with the 2020 Nobel Peace Prize.

The Nobel Peace Prize is one of the highest honors that a person, or organization, can receive in the world today. It is given to a person, or group, that has helped create peace and harmony for people that do not have such luxuries.

The UN World Food Programme has been a mainstay in helping fight hunger throughout the world since 1962. These selfless workers have truly made a large difference in many countries, some of which being Yemen, Nigeria, and the Democratic Republic of Congo. In fact, in 2019 they helped close to 100 million people in 88 different countries, according to the official Nobel Peace Prize 2020 press release. Although that is a very promising number, the task at hand is still a daunting one. Approximately 135 million people still suffer from acute food insecurity and one in three of those 135 million have some form of malnutrition, according to the WFP.

World Food Programme Goodwill Ambassador, Kate Hudson, shares a meal with two children. Photo from WFP.

Furthermore, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the amount of people going to bed with empty stomachs has increased exponentially, making the job of the World Food Programme, and other organizations like it, that much more difficult. Not only are these workers dedicating their lives to help these people in need, but now they are going into areas that could be exposed to the virus. 

The recognition of the work done by these selfless individuals through the Nobel Peace Prize is more than warranted. It is necessary. The World Food Programme is doing a valiant job at fighting hunger throughout the word, while spreading awareness of this problem and its severity to gain the support it needs.

With all that it has done, it is easy to see why the World Food Programme is the winner of the 2020 Nobel Peace Prize.