Severe Damage caused from High Magnitude Earthquake near Greek Islands


On October 30, 2020, it was reported by multiple sources that there was an earthquake around the Greek islands. 

According to The New York Times, “The magnitude-7.0 quake struck in the Aegean Sea also killed at least two people in Greece. Hundreds were injured in Turkey and many thousands displaced.” 

At least 27 people have died across Greece and Turkey. In Turkey, at least 20 buildings in the city of Izmir were destroyed. Officials had said that “25 people were killed in coastal areas in Turkey’s west, while two teenagers — a boy and a girl — died on the Greek island of Samos after a wall collapsed on them.”

CNN expressed, “ At least 804 people have been injured in Turkey, said the country’s disaster agency. Dozens were saved by rescue teams using diggers and helicopters to search for survivors.”

The nearby towns and cities that the earthquake affected was North of Ampelos, North West of Kampos Vourlotion, North West of Avlakia, South West of Karabaglar, South West of Izmar, and East of Athens.  

from google images (shows around where the earthquake hit)

It was said by United States Geological Survey, “A magnitude 7 earthquake struck offshore of the city of Neon Karlovasion, Greece (north of Simos Island in the eastern Agean Sea) on October 30th, 2020 at 1:51 pm local time (11:51 UTC). Seismic instruments indicate the earthquake originated at a depth of 13 miles (21 kilometers). The earthquake struck about 9 miles north-northeast of Neon Karlovasion, Greece, just off the Turkish coast. Perceived shaking for the quake was very strong. The event was widely felt, with close to 600 “Did You Feel It?” reports thus far submitted.”

As you can see in this picture that there was lots of damage caused due to the high magnitude earthquake.

Rescue workers and local people try to save residents trapped in the debris of a collapsed building, in Izmir, Turkey, Friday, Oct. 30, 2020. A strong earthquake struck Friday in the Aegean Sea between the Turkish coast and the Greek island of Samos, collapsing buildings in the city of Izmir in western Turkey, and officials said at least six people were killed and scores were injured.(AP Photo/Ismail Gokmen) (AP)