Mysterious Monoliths Discovered Across the Globe

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Last week, the world was caught in a whirlwind as three 10-12 foot tall, metallic monoliths appeared in the US, Romania, and off the English coast.

Photo courtesy of Terrance Siemon/AP

It began in Utah when a monolith that stood in San Juan County, Utah suddenly disappeared. Officials and bystanders alike were perplexed by its disappearance, resulting in many varying conspiracies. Many people immediately jumped to the idea that aliens were responsible, as that was speculated upon its discovery. Officials, however, were more drawn to the idea that the structure was a piece of art, illegally implanted into the ground. This line of thought would leave them even more puzzled though, as they could not figure out why someone would put the effort in to dig it out of the ground and haul it out of the area. According to Colin Dwyer of, an adventure athlete named Andy Lewis, has since taken credit, saying that he and a team of people removed the monolith on November 27, putting a swift end to the many conspiracies that sprung within the last week.

Interestingly enough, during this public driven investigation, two more monoliths were discovered, one on a hiking trail in Atascadero, California, and another on a plateau in Romania. Each resembles the one in Utah, standing 10-12 feet tall and made of a metallic, reflective metal. Like the original monolith, they have each disappeared without a trace.

Then this weekend, as all of the stirring about these mysterious structures began to die down, another monolith, resembling the other three, appeared on the Isle of Wight, a small island off the English coast. According to Sky News, a man named Tom Dunford, spotted it while walking his dog along the beach with his fiancé. Dunford stated that, much to his amazement, he could first see the object from about 100 yards away, due to the massive reflection of the sun. It is unclear as to who, or what, placed this structure there.

No group has made a credible claim to the sudden appearance of these structures, and their disappearances remain unclear for all but one of them, but it is certain that as long as the questions about these monoliths are left open ended, there will continue to be wild, interesting, and entertaining theories sprung throughout.