England’s Struggle with the Virus

England has recently been one of the worst countries for the COVID-19 virus. After the Christmas vacations, the COVID cases spiked in England. The hospitals are having to make hard decisions on who gets to get treated and who is a lost cause. For example, if someone is more likely to die from the virus they will not get any treatment. The amount of oxygen used for the severely ill patients has made the capability for some hospitals not be able to hold as many people as they could have before. The cases increased by 70 percent; there are almost 14,000 more patients in hospitals than on April 12 when the virus last spiked in spring of 2020. There is a high risk of many hospitals running out of beds. In fact, some hospitals in main cities have already run out, the nation keeps setting new death records daily. In London 66 percent of it’s beds are occupied by COVID patients.  Some hospitals are moving COVID patients to hotels as a replacement for the lack of beds in the hospitals. The streets are now empty again due to this outbreak.

To show the affect of COVID-19
This is the cause of COVID-19 in one of England’s biggest downtown centers.

National Health Service is looking at various ways to reduce the strain on hospitals, including moving less urgent patients to hotels. The issue was first reported by The Guardian newspaper. Some cases people just need to have medications and not need constant care instead of actually needing a hospital bed. England’s corona outbreak caused over 83,000 deaths, and the beds were filled, and now the beds are over 55 percent more than when the outbreak started. The upside is that the cases slowly going down, but people are going to have to stay in lock down until the virus passes.