The Women’s Lacrosse 2021 Season

Senior Night 2021

The Farragut Women’s Lacrosse team is stacked this year. There are 3 seniors and all of them are absolute beasts. They are Megan Defranco, Chloe Lovell, and Sassy Montross. The team has started the season strong with a 17-1 win over Catholic and has a 6-2 record. This past Tuesday, they had their senior night against Blount County and won 18-0. All three seniors had a great game on Tuesday, Defranco scored 4 goals, Montross scored 1, and Lovell had a shutout in goal. 

The team, along with all sports this year, has had a completely different season. Covid guidelines have impacted the games and amount of people showing out. They do not get to continue some of the same things as past seasons but are making the best of what they have.

“I love my team and I’m very sad to leave next year but hope to end on a very positive note,” says Defranco. 

She speaks for every senior in sports these past seasons.

“It’s very difficult to leave behind a team you have been on since freshman year, but I’ll for sure be back to support them next year,” she says. 

The team on Thursday had another big game against West/Bearden who scored 4 points, but Farragut won with 14 points on the board. The team is definitely making the best of what they have, and are very thankful for the season that was up in the air for a while. The team is on a good course to end with a great record. All surrounding Women’s Lacrosse teams better watch out for this tough match. When the team lost to Page High School, it was only by one point, this just show how tough they play and their losses are minor. One of the best spring sports to watch and support. Congratulations to all the Women’s Lacrosse seniors!