Is the Covid Vaccine Good for You?

The Covid-vaccine has been given out to a lot of people in the US, a total over 64.4 million people have been fully vaccinated and 171 million have gotten their first shot. I think that everyone should take the vaccine because the benefits outweigh the negatives, although there are many “Anti-Vaccine” organizations that try to convince people to not take it when it becomes available. Another benefit is that Krispy Kreme is promoting the vaccinations, to show their support they are giving a free donuts every day for a year for people who have taken the vaccine.

After getting the vaccine this card will be used to verify you have gotten the vaccine.

People think that we do not know the long-term effects of the Covid Vaccine while that is sort of true. We have studied the type of vaccine, mRNA and this type of vaccine has been used for HIV, Rabies, Zika, and the Flu. The mRNA is safe to use in humans and to reassure it the FDA is making COVID-19 vaccines to follow trial participants for eight weeks before submitting their data for approval. The only side effects known for the vaccine are pain at the site of the injection, fatigue and low grade fevers that usually start within 24 hours of taking the vaccine, I would like to add that all of those side effects are much better than the effects of covid. So finally I think that the covid vaccine is worth getting because of its benefits and eventually everyone is going to have to have it for collage or jobs.