Why Do Dogs Help Humanity?


A man’s best friend can make life a whole lot easier for humans and they can benefit from having a pet dog in their life. Dogs can have an affect on their owners by making them happier and healthier throughout their lives. Different breeds of dogs can also have a great affect on their owners as well.

Pet dogs can lower the stress levels of their owners as petting a dog can release the Oxycontin hormone and decrease the levels of stress hormones, this can result in a more relaxed state of mind. In recent years, dogs have been brought to schools, nursing homes and even airports to help relieve stress.

You could have a more active lifestyle dog owners can get exercise when walking their dog, 60% of dog owners who walk their dog regularly met the recommended criteria for regular exercise. Buying a pet dog that fits your lifestyle would have the greatest impact because if you pick a very active dog such as a Border Collie or an Australian Shepherd would be a good fit if you have an active lifestyle. 

German Shepherd Dog head portrait indoors. Image from akc.org (R Tarr Photography – stock.adobe.com)

People who own dogs are proven to be less lonely, dog owners have significantly less dissatisfaction with their social, physical, and emotional states. Feeling obligated to go out of the house to walk their dog as well as attracting attention by the presence of a dog causes dog owners to feel less lonely. Many people could benefit from this like homesick college students or people in nursing homes they could feel more comfortable and less stressed out and lonely. 

Picture of a Golden Doodle. Image from pinterest.com

Dogs can also lower high blood pressure by just touching or even just talking to a dog can help. Married couples who owned a pet dog had significantly low heart rates and blood pressure levels compared to people without pets. Depending on how active the owners are and what breed of dog they have can also have a good effect on their health. If you have a more active dog you could get out more and get more exercise, but if you have a dog that is not always active then getting more exercise would be possible it would just be more difficult. Dogs greatly affect the lives of their owner everyday by making them healthier, happier, less lonely, and less stressed out throughout the course of their lifespan.