Is Artificial Intelligence More Damaging or Beneficial to Humanity?

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As society has progressed over time, humans have attempted to improve technology. There have been significant improvements in cell phones, gaming systems, and laptops. All of these technologies relate back to artificial intelligence (AI). Artificial intelligence is vaguely defined as intelligence demonstrated by machines. While many people may think of AI as cyborgs taking over the world, there are still benefits to the implementation of AI into our daily use.

Source: Frost and Sullivan

Artificial intelligence has been utilized in many different manners. As technology has been improving, more companies and individuals have been leaning towards the implementation of AI in healthcare. One example of AI being used in healthcare is the use of electronic medical records (EMR). EMR’s are digital versions of patient and population healthcare information.

There are a plethora of different types of EMR’s being used by different facilities. One program is known as Open MRS. OpenMRS has been used in Uganda, Rwanda, Kenya, and 40 other countries. OpenMRS was used in Kenya to build and implement an EMR system called Bora to improve maternal and child health and improve HIV treatment in rural areas. Researchers found that this system helped to increase the completeness of data collected and close critical gaps in healthcare. When discovering that countries can improve the health of a population merely through an accessible system such as OpenMRS, it grants a great advantage for these countries who can not access adequate healthcare. 

Source: Frost and Sullivan

These benefits from AI acts as an auxiliary towards increasing healthcare in less developed countries. In addition to this tremendous benefit, OpenMRS is noticeably beneficial for the economy due to the fact that it provides more cost-efficient healthcare to those individuals who utilize this system. 

While many individuals fear the implementation of artificial intelligence into everyday life, AI definitely has its benefits. The best way to take advantage of the benefits is to embrace AI while still being knowledgeable of those who develop these systems.