XFL Team Logo Release


Driven by Vince McMahon since early 2000, the XFL has finally regained traction and is on its way to becoming reality. After a single season run in 2001, the XFL will finally make its return in early 2020. The start of XFL has been anticipated since its announcement early last year in January 2018. The new league offers a different experience from the long-time running and highly successful NFL. Expected to kick off February 8th, 2020, the XFL will ride off of the Super Bowl LIV hype the week prior. Many new details regarding the new league have been recently announced, including an early schedule, draft dates, new signed players as well as official team logos.


Bragging former NFL coaches and athletes, new XFL schedules and roster information have been revealed this week including the 5 game lineup for the post-Super Bowl weekend through the entire season. This strategy has been crafted to not directly compete with the NFL, but instead boost off its average viewer base by being active after the NFL season run.  Specific team match ups are still in the air at this time. The first ever XFL championship game itself airs April 26, 2020. The 2020 XFL draft is scheduled for October 2019, followed by the start of training camps in November.


On August 21 the XFL released the team names along with their home stadium locations, and team logos with colors. The logo and name reveals were followed by official explanatory hype videos. The videos are summarized as follows:


Dallas Renegades: The Renegades were based off of the outlaw spirit that the city was founded on.Image result for dallas renegades

Houston Roughnecks: The Roughnecks resemble the hard working oil men that worked on drills in and around Houston in the early 1900’s

Los Angeles Wildcats: Based off of the fast paced LA, the Wildcats resemble a fierce predator.

New York Guardians: After the Battle of Long Island, New York has been known for its fighting spirit.

St Louis Battle Hawks: Founded on resilience, the Battle Hawk illustrates triumph through trials.

Seattle Dragons: Inspired by Seattle’s dreary weather, the Dragon represents ruthlessness.

Tampa Bay Vipers: The Vipers were based off of Florida’s tropical weather and numerous swamps.

Washington Defenders: After the Revolution, Washington DC was founded as the capital of the free world and defends freedom at all costs. 


These teams differ from the original XFL teams as a part of their initiative to have a “fresh start”. After failed ratings and critical reception in 2001, the XFL plans to focus less on flashy gimmicks and more on the substance of football itself in its grand debut.


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