Are They Gonna Leave Still Bachelors and Bachelorettes? Our Picks on Who We Think Will Leave Bachelor in Paradise as Newly-In-Love Couples. (Spoilers!!!!!!!!!!!!!)



This season of Bachelor in Paradise has truly proved to be the “most shocking season yet”. With only being three weeks in, we have already had one fight, three betrayals, and two shocking visitors. As the season continues, more love and romance will continue to blossom, and fights and drama are bound to haunt the beach. But the real question is, who will walk off the beach engaged? Who will walk off the beach in a happy relationship, and who will be eliminated back to their lonely lives? Only time will tell, but for now, all we can do is predict. Here is our predictions to who will leave paradise happily engaged:


Alexis’ Predictions:


Demi and Kristian:


Demi Burnett was a competitor on Colton’s season of the Bachelor in 2019 and made multiple appearances on Hannah’s season of the Bachelorette to be a support system to Hannah. Prior to coming on paradise, she shocked Bachelor Nation by confirming that she was in a same-sex relationship. This did not stop Demi from exploring other love interests on the beach, including 32 year old Derek Peth. Demi has been conflicted the entire season though, claiming she really liked Derek, but couldn’t get “someone back home” out of her head. This prompted Chris Harrison to bring this girl (Kristian Haggerty) onto the show to compete for Demi’s affection. Demi then immediately broke it off with Derek, claiming “she just knew when she saw her [Kristian].”

The drama has been too thick for these two to not end up together. Bringing Kristian on the show pretty much secures their relationship in our minds. And it seems that Demi is really into Kristian (much to the horror of Demi and Derek supporters).


Hannah G and Dylan:


Hannah Godwin was heartbroken when she was the runner up on Colton’s season of The Bachelor. She works as a model in her home state of Alabama. Dylan Barbour was a competitor on Hannah Brown’s season of the Bachelorette. He is known for his sweet, soft spoken personality and his strong interest for Hannah G. Even though Hannah has tested the waters in other relationships, Dylan has stayed strong in his pursuit of Hannah and proves to lovers everywhere, persistence is key. 


Dylan has fought tooth and nail for Hannah thus far, and I can’t see him ever letting her go again. (In a sweet way, not a creepy way). 


John Paul Jones and Tayshia: 


John Paul Jones competed on Hannah’s season of the Bachelorette. He instantly became a fan favorite with his quirky personality, and his profession, which was listed as simply, John Paul Jones. After being almost poisoned by Jane’s hot sauce-tacos, and striking out with Sydney, John Paul Jones has made a connection with Tayshia Adams. He says, “Tayshia is the only girl I’m interested in pursuing. She makes me feel like a nervous schoolboy — I feel completely incapacitated around her. I feel pretty foolish even going after her, ’cause what the hell am I doing?!” Luckily for John, Tayshia feels the same way, and their relationship has taken off.  Tayshia was on Colton’s season of the Bachelor. 

Since they only just started dating, I consider this my wild card pick. I just think that there is something really special about them together. 


Nicole and Clay: 


Nicole Lopez-Alvar was on Colton’s season of the Bachelor and became infamous for constantly crying. Clay Harbor competed on Becca’s season of the Bachelorette. Nicole and Clay got together day one, and after steering away from Clay for a date with Christian Estrada, Nicole quickly went back to Clay when Christian got in a physical fight with fellow competitor Jordan Kimball over a pinata. 

And my final pick has to be Clay and Nicole. How could you not pick teddy-bear Clay?


Sammie’s Predictions:


Hannah G and Dylan 


After all of the drama between Dylan and Blake, Hannah seems to have finally committed to Dylan. Although it seems that Dylan is a bit more into Hannah than she is to him (he told her he loved her and she didn’t necessarily say it back), I only see their relationship growing stronger. 


Dylan has proved over and over that he is all in for Hannah Godwin. I think most can agree that Hannah would be crazy to not stick with a boy like Dylan Barbour. 


Sydney and Mike:


This couple seems to have been a more low key couple throughout the show; however, neither Sydney or Mike have seen much drama. They seem to be pretty happy with each other and doing pretty strong.                                                                                                  

This pick is definitely a stretch considering they are pretty new and we have not seen many details following their relationship. I guess they just give me good vibes. 


Demi and Kristian:


Demi has made it pretty clear that Kristian has been in the back of her mind all throughout this season in paradise. Although she had some fun with Derek, she claimed that the moment she saw Kristian, she knew she was the one for her and immediately broke up with Derek. Bringing Kristian to paradise has definitely shook some things up. Viewers are excited to see where this new and exciting relationship goes. 


In my opinion, Kristian and Demi’s bond seems too real for them to not end up together. 


Caitlyn and Blake:


This is a very new couple. Blake has had a rough couple of weeks on paradise. Caitlyn came in last week and practically saved Blake. The two went on a fun date, and Blake told Caitlyn the whole truth about his past. She was very accepting of it, and both of them seemed very excited to see where things go. 

Blake and Caitlyn are definitely a stretch to place a bet on at this point, considering they have only been on one date, but Caitlyn seems really good for him. If this does work out for him, Blake is one lucky man after all the drama he has caused this far in paradise. 


Nicole and Clay


Nicole and Clay seem to be pretty solid in their relationship. They started out their relationship strong with a very romantic first date and seemed to immediately bond with each other. Even after Nicole tried to explore some new relationships, she made her way back to Clay, and they seemed to pick up right where they left off.      




Nicole and Clay are one of my favorite couples on paradise so far for sure. Their personalities complement each other very well, and they always seem so happy to be together.


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