New Principal, New Features


Dr. Bartlett

Has your school ever had a new principal weeks before school starts? With only two weeks left of summer, Farragut was informed that Ryan Siebe was no longer to be principal and John Bartlett was to be the replacement. Only two weeks into school, Bartlett has already put cornhole and two ping pong tables in the common area for students to play. He also claims he will get foosball, chess, checkers, and maybe even bring in food trucks for students. 

With getting a new principal just two weeks before school started teachers had to get used to a new change. 

Mr. Reynolds, a science teacher of four years at Farragut, was asked about getting a new principal and said,  “I was surprised, and nervous at first, but once I heard him speak and his tone about how he cares about students, I was impressed and I’m excited about the positive direction I think we seem to be heading.”

With a new principal also comes changes and a new look. Mr. Reynolds continued, “I’m excited that he’s working hard to give the school a facelift, and cleaning up some areas that have maybe been neglected a little bit. The other day I even saw him cleaning up things in the commons that he didn’t bother to ask anybody else to do.  He just saw a problem and started working on it himself and I was impressed with that.” Dr. Bartlett is already working hard to be a great principal. 

Mr. Reynolds also commented on the new ping pong tables by saying, “I like it, I just… want to play. It’s very crowded and I’m ready to punish some young people in ping pong when it’s my turn.” The ping pong tables are not only enjoyed by the students, but also teachers, so watch out.

So what are Farragut students’ thoughts on the new principal?

Junior Reece Valeriano mentioned, “I liked Dr. Bartlett. He is the kind of principal to care for the students. He seems very chill and relaxed. He is a great motivational speaker and he encourages (us) to be better people.” 

Other new features include food trucks for students as a reward and a winter formal. Farragut has not had a winter formal in recent years. Students love all the new additions in the school. Dr. Bartlett has made lunches more fun and making the school atmosphere a more positive environment. What else does Dr. Bartlett have in the store this year? Rumor has it that he will add new games like chess and checkers for the library. 

Dr.Bartlett’s new features have been very satisfying to all. It’s early in the year and he’s already made several changes and he’s not done yet.