Big Changes for Farragut High School


The former Farragut High School principal, Ryan Siebe, was promoted to the position of the Secondary Staffing Supervisor of KCS. This left an open position for the role of head principal at Farragut High. The Friday before Summer Insanity this school year, Farragut students were informed through Twitter that we would be getting Dr. Bartlett as our new principal. With the previous knowledge that Bartlett was principal at our rival school, Bearden, some were concerned about his arrival.

While some concern may have been present in the week leading up to the current school year, these concerns have since dissipated. Bartlett has done many good things since he became principal, and most importantly, no bad things. None of the very limited privileges we had before were taken away and that is nice.  Many freedoms of Farragut High School didn’t exist any longer such as late arrival Fridays, and the ability for students to sign themselves out of school after they turn 18. That’s right, you can drop out of high school and never come back without any parental consent at the age of 18, but if you have to go to the doctor, good luck.  

Within the first few days of Bartlett’s administration he added two ping pong tables and a game of corn hole to the commons/cafeteria area. These additions have been much enjoyed by the Farragut students. I have seen kids playing in the morning, at lunch, and after school. ping pong as well as corn hole.

A couple of days ago, Dr. Bartlett was forced to make an announcement over the intercom stating that, “Corn hole is not to be thrown from the top of the stairs or at other students.”

Welcome to Farragut Dr. Bartlett. Besides that though, it seems to have been smooth sailing so far this year. Along with the entertainment, last Tuesday, the principal brought in a food truck that served tacos to the school during lunch. Both the students and faculty were very appreciative of this. 

I was able to sit down with a junior from Farragut High School named Brandon Cyr. I interviewed him about how he feels about Dr. Bartlett becoming the new principal. Brandon talked about how he appreciated Dr. Bartlett and what he has done for the school. He especially likes the ping pong tables and corn hole.