Farragut wins 5Starprep’s Student Section of The Week


Farragut High School’s student section was nominated for 5Star Prep’s student section of the week (week 1) for high school football. Farragut was down about 2,000 votes on the last day of voting, but had a major comeback and won. With more than 10,000 votes, Farragut beat out West High School by about 600 votes. Due to Farragut’s mass voting initiative in the last two voting days, 5Star Prep’s website shutdown. This was followed by an official tweet, “Didn’t know Farragut had a force like that.”

Farragut’s outstanding voting not only lead to a major comeback, but crashed the website as well.

One Junior who was at the game and was close to the field, Reece Valeriano, said, “I love being on the sidelines hyping Farragut up to win. We have flags, new themes and of course our section leaders.”

Farragut students were excited to support the Ads. The game was also an hour away and there was still support. It was insane that Farragut was nominated. Like, how Farragut was down to West most of the week and West took a surge to 2000 more points at one point.

“To be honest, I did not think we would win. I voted tons of times, but it seemed like West always had more votes. I heard Bearden even tried to go against us. The comeback was real, it shows we have the best fan support in Knox County.”

Junior student section leader, Lance Simpson, said, “The student section was big for an away game and I was really happy to see how many people support their admirals.” 

He also said, “It was really fun and everyone was enthusiastic which made everyone have a good time,” when asked about how the game and the environment of the student section was.

With around 75 people in the student section at an away game that’s an hour drive away, Farragut was soon nominated for student section of the week. Farragut had a strong opponent in West, but with more than 10,000 votes Farragut won.

Lance Simpson said, “ I voted like 20 times. I was really excited to win student section of the week” and even added, “We are the best section in the county.” 

Farragut and West were up for Student Section of The Week and after more than 20,000 combined votes, Farragut prevailed. Farragut had intercom announcements, social media posts, and links to the website in their attempt to accomplish a comeback and eventually succeeded. Farragut ended up closing in and beating Bearden’s 2,000 vote lead. This goes to show how strong and supportive Farragut’s students are.