Hong Kong Protests


a crowd of student protesters at a Hong Kong university

The people of Hong Kong, China have been publicly protesting against change since late March. They are upset with their government’s decisions. They’ve been resisting the Chinese government ever since communism was introduced to it in 1949 by Mao Zedong. Citizens have been forced into action by the recent Extradition Bill placed over the city of Hong Kong by the Chinese government coming to an agreement with Hong Kong’s. This bill makes those who live in the city of Hong Kong accountable for all Chinese laws, whereas previously the two self-governed states created their own laws, that did not coincide with those outside of it. For example, if it is illegal to own a cat in China, but not in Hong Kong, the Chinese government can hold those who own cats accountable in the eyes of their law. Hong Kong laws no longer protect their people.

There is outrage in Hong Kong, and the people are making sure the government knows about it. Hong Kong was originally a place a citizen of China could go to escape the government in control. The Republic of China will very seldomly let someone leave the country, and keeps a watchful eye on what they do, which is a fear that the people of Hong Kong have, which is now becoming a reality. A revolt was justified in the impacts of this bill, for they are protecting their freedoms. 

Although the bill was withdrawn from legislation in September, public protests remain. They are concerned about the audacity of their government had to pass the bill, and it was not withdrawn sooner or with more compromise. The government had taken advantage of them and their power was stripped away.  The government intends to stop out the protesters by attempting to portray the activists as the bad guys. They are described as “unwilling to accept compromise.” The propaganda is not effective, for people are taking in the facts and noticing the unruliness of the Chinese government, and weeding out the goal of manipulation. It seems that they are really the ones who are unwilling to accept compromise. 

This is the first, hopefully of many, time they were able to stand up against the government and win. The bill was withdrawn earlier today after months of protest from the people. The whole idea of communism is really to give the power to the people, but as we can see in China, the people have little to no power. This is not permanent, though, as with perseverance, the Chinese people can eventually rise up on top.