Trouble in Paradise: JPJ’s Mental Breakdown

Trouble in Paradise: JPJ’s Mental Breakdown

Season six of Bachelor in Paradise has been an emotional whirlwind. From heartbreak to finding love, from Dean’s mustache to Chris’s 6th return to Bachelor Nation, the drama is spicy. Relationships and friendships have blossomed, but so have feuds.

Last week on Bachelor in Paradise, John Paul Jones (JPJ) and Derek Peth, two hot commodities on the beach of Paradise, butted heads. JPJ has been expressing interest in Tayshia for the past few weeks, but when JPJ went on two dates with new arrivals, Tahzjuan and Hailey, Derek swooped in on Tayshia. Derek and Tayshia have been friends since the beginning of Paradise and wanted to explore their romantic relationship. 

Meanwhile, JPJ sees the two connecting on a deeper level and gets extremely jealous. At the wedding of Chris Randone and Krystal Nielson, Bachelor in Paradise season five finalists, the drama heats up. JPJ confronted Derek in a heated and very public exchange. JPJ expressed his concerns and said that Derek was on the show to gain fame and use women for his social status. Although he had no solid evidence of this, he held nothing back. The encounter was thought to be an attack on Derek and very controversial among Bachelor Nation.

Avid Bachelor Nation viewer, Ms. Toth, believes JPJ’s “accusations were not warranted at all, he is just upset about Tayshia being taken away from him.”

After the confrontation, Tayshia was distressed and confused on her next step with both men. While Derek was very skeptical if Tayshia would give him her rose, JPJ was very confident in his relationship with her. As it turned out, Tayshia told Derek that her relationship with him would not progress because of how she felt about JPJ. This resulted in Derek shockingly sending himself home. After two heartbreaks in paradise, he had lost hope in finding someone there.

“Honestly, I was not that surprised, because if that was the only person he was interested in this time around, then there wouldn’t be anyone else for him,” Ms. Toth said.

As Bachelor In Paradise comes to an end, the pressure is on for the developing couples remaining. Will Tayshia and JPJ’s relationship progress? Will there be a newcomer to stir up trouble? Find out next week on Bachelor In Paradise.