Admiral Outlet


Where is the best place to get Farragut gear? The Admiral Outlet. This is a school store that sells Farragut merchandise. The store is located downstairs next to green wing. They sell items like hoodies, shirts, jerseys, and more. The store had its grand opening on September 3 and is open from 7:45-8:20 AM before school and during lunch. Since they just had their grand opening, they had a large sale and even a raffle where the winner got free AirPods. The store is looking promising with a variety of merchandise and good advertising through social media and school announcements. 


Jack Wrapp is a senior at Farragut and is apart of the Admiral Outlet. 


He said, “I am apart of the inventory and logistics team. My team members and I keep track of all store items.” 


Jack and his group do more than that though. 


He said, “My class runs the Admiral Outlet during all lunches. We sell shirts, hoodies, sketchbooks, water bottles, hats, socks, and we occasionally sell special items. We recently had a grand opening sale and have been selling special limited jerseys. We also did a raffle for a free pair of AirPods.”


With what seems to be a successful first week, Jack says, “Sales have been good, we are looking to increase sales by bringing new stuff to the store, so look for more coming soon.” 



Prices of the merchandise (roughly)

Lanyards  $3
Jersey $35
Hat $5
Shirts $10
Water bottle $3-5


Buying merchandise from the Admiral Outlet is a great way to support and represent your school. Be proud to be an Admiral, show off your high school, and show school spirit. Having school spirit has positive influences that affect the whole school. When students and staff who show enthusiasm for being a part of the school, their peers are likely to follow, which yields greater participation in school activities and boosts morale. So, show some school spirit by supporting and buying clothes or accessories from the Admiral Outlet.