The Ads Play Morristown West this Friday

The Ads Play Morristown West this Friday

The Ads have had a tough start to the season being 1-2. With one win against Bradley Central and two losses against West and Oak Ridge, the Ads have been put in a tough spot so far this season. The game this week is pivotal, since it is the Ads’ first district game. How the Ads perform in their district games will determine the end of their season. Whether or not Farragut gets through to the playoffs, their performance in their district games will determine it all. 

This week, Farragut plays Morristown West with a predicted win by English teacher and wide receiver coach, Mr. Gorman. 

“Hopefully an improvement, where the object is to constantly get better, and grow as a team. Hopefully going into our first region game this week, we show that and get a W.” 

Morristown West is a 6A high school and is 1-3 right now. Two weeks ago they had a tough loss to Jefferson County 20-28. 

“They are very competitive, which is expected when you are a 6A high school, and they have the ability to do a lot of damage in our region.” 

Coach Gorman is hopeful for the rest of Farragut’s season, as are the players and students. 

“We definitely need to improve… we are coming together as a team, and improving constantly, and getting better.  Trying to reach our goal one day at a time, and one game at a time.”

Despite Farragut’s two losses, spirits remain high throughout the school. Students always come out and support the Ads, win or lose, at both home and away games. Farragut’s student section is the lifeblood of the school’s athletic program. Students, teachers and faculty, players, and coaches, alike, are all hoping for a win this week against Morristown West High School.