Possible Defense Pact Between U.S. and Israel


President Trump has been known to be very involved in Israeli politics. Recently, in his meetings with the Prime Minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu, there has been discussions of a potential defense pact. Nothing is set in stone as of yet, but it appears that Trump is determined to take this new deal into action. However, in order to be able to sign a treaty, he would need senate approval. As of now, it is only talk, there are no executive orders or bills officially in the works.

The Prime Minister is very appreciative of the US’s support. He stated that, “We [Israel] have never had a better friend in the White House.”

Other Israeli leaders, however, are somewhat skeptical about the motives of the possible pact. Amos Yadlin, the director of Israel’s Institute for National Security Studies, seems to think that this is about nothing more than election propaganda. He seems to think this because, while on the surface, a defense pact may seem good for the well being of Israel, it would limit their freedom of action in instances where they feel they need to defend themselves. A pact could also force Israel to fight in American wars that Israel has very little to do with. 

The people of Israel have displayed their support of what Trump has to say about politics, and Netanyahu is gaining a lot of popularity due to his partnership with Trump. He is the most favored candidate in the upcoming Israeli election. Most of his opponents in Israel usually try and stray from criticizing Trump, but most have no problem questioning this defence pact and its validity, due to the reasons stated in the previous paragraph. The details of the pact are very unclear as of yet, so people are confused. They have questions, naturally, like “Will Israeli troops be forced to fight in Iraq and Afghanistan?” and “Will American operations in Israel require approval from Congress?” The people want to know what’s going on. Overall, there is very little currently known about Trump and Netanyahu’s motives. Citizens in both America and Israel have many questions about it and are being left in the dark about further plans. Many will be waiting in anticipation over the next few days and weeks as the two politician’s motives are slowly revealed.    


Source: https://www.cnn.com/2019/09/16/middleeast/israel-netanyahu-trump-intl/index.html