Polar Bear Endangerment

Polar Bear Endangerment

The beloved polar bear species is crying out for our help, and we have to answer fast. As the Earth continues to increase in temperature, the polar bears are being wiped out in mass numbers that will eventually lead to the extinction of the species. In order to reverse these effects, we must take a look at the facts and make a strong positive effort to save these lovable bears.

The main threat to the polar bear species is the melting of sea ice due to an increase in global temperatures over the past few decades. This ice is where they do the majority of their hunting, and with so little land left, they often starve to death. Polar Bears International lists “the polar bear as a vulnerable species, citing sea ice loss from climate change as the single biggest threat to their survival.” 

However, the decrease in sea ice is not the only aspect negatively impacting the polar bears’ lives. As mankind continues to massively grow in population, the polar bears natural habitat is becoming affected. “Other threats to the bears include increased commercial activities, pollution, disease, inadequate habitat protection (of denning and seasonal resting areas), and the potential for over-harvest in smaller or declining polar bear populations,” informs Polar Bears International. 

With the combined negative impacts of all of these facets, the polar bear species is now in endangerment. The most recent study “estimates there are currently about 23,000 polar bears worldwide. But without action on climate change, we could see dramatic declines in polar bear numbers by mid-century.” Therefore, we all need to act fast and do everything that we can in order to save their species.

Source: polarbearscience.com/2017/04/12/global-polar-bear-population-size-is-about-28500-when-updates-are-included/