Should there be a study hall in school?


Have you ever thought about how much it would help if you had an additional hour and thirty minutes a day to catch up on work while at school? Having study halls in school could be beneficial to students in many ways. If students could have that extra time to do homework or study, they would not feel as stressed out. Dealing with both school and extracurriculars such as sports, work, and clubs can be stressful. If students were allowed to have this added time during school hours, then the amount of work students could get caught up on is only up to the imagination.

I interviewed Junior Rylee Steweart to get her thoughts on having study hall in school. My first question was, “Do you think that schools should have study hall?”

“Yes. I find it hard to focus all day at school and grasp the information. It would help me to take a break and also have the opportunity to study for a test. Also, it could allow me to retain the information that was taught in class.” 

Reasons why most schools don’t have study hall is because some students might not take advantage of it and end up misusing it by skipping class or taking part in some other form of misbehavior. With these reasons, it is understandable why schools are more hesitant to implement study halls into the school day. We interviewed Coach Harris to get a different perspective and asked him if he was for or against having a study hall.

“I think a study hall class should be something that is offered to students because it could improve grades as well as study habits.” 

Hopefully, in time, schools will be able to include study hall into the school schedule. In order for that to work, students must be willing to use the time that would be given wisely.