NBA Agents are Resisting NCAA’s New Regulations


The NCAA has recently updated their regulations after the controversy caused by their initial “Rich Paul Rule”. The “Rich Paul Rule” stated that in order for agents to be eligible they had to have a bachelor’s degree and take an in-person exam. The rule got its name because it directly affected Rich Paul who is a popular NBA agent who often gives players different routes into the NBA other than the NCAA. 

Because of the kickback from players and media “The Rich Paul Rule” was changed so that agents don’t have to have a bachelor’s degree, but they still have to take the exam. Although this change is an improvement, many agents are still upset and are boycotting the NCAA. The deadline for the registration of the exam is September 30th and it will be taken on November 6th. 

Brandon Cuevas was interviewed about the situation and doesn’t agree with the NCAA’s new restrictions but is thankful that they took away the bachelor’s degree rule. He thinks that Rich Paul is one of the better agents in the NBA and sets up his players for the best success they can have. This means that he might find them different ways into the NBA other than through the NCAA.

Agents are boycotting by not registering for the exam. The NBPA (National Basketball Players Association) is trying to compromise with the NCAA which includes agents having to take a bi-annual seminar. Many agents have signed a letter written by the NBPA which will be sent to the NCAA and this letter details the refusal of being apart of the NCAA certification process.