Farragut High School Cheerleading

Farragut High School Cheerleading

We all know the famous Friday night lights that twinkle above on an evening at the football field. Or the pregame buzz that settles as hundreds of fans overlook a freshly polished basketball court. However, do we really know what it’s like to be the ones cheering on those beloved sports? Throughout this, we will review all of the hard work and responsibilities given to the cheerleaders in order to support the teams we all know and love. 

Something that most people fail to recognize, is the amount of hours put into practices, lessons, and routines by the squad. I spoke with one of the junior cheerleaders, Rachel Nelson, and she filled me in on everything that the team does.

“We practice together every Tuesday and Thursday for an hour and a half in order to work on stunts, dances, and tumbling,” said Nelson.

Alongside that, they are responsible for personal tumbling lessons, which they typically do once or twice a week, for an hour during each session. Throughout football season they cheer every Friday night, and for two days a week during the basketball season. Alongside the many hours of work and practice, the squad is also responsible for putting together the Homecoming Dance! While the other sports teams of the school get to relax and focus on the fun, the cheerleaders are behind the scenes working to make the wonderful night happen.

Nelson said the first thing they have to do is, “Come up with a theme for the dance, and then plan everything around said theme.”

After that, they must create a budget and decide how much tickets are going to cost that year. Then, they are responsible for all of the decorations, refreshments, ticket sales, etc. Although they do typically have an amazing night as well, if it weren’t for them, the rest of us could kiss homecoming goodbye!  Despite cheerleading’s many responsibilities, there wouldn’t be a team if the girls didn’t love what they do!

“My favorite part is cheering at the football games next to all of my best friends,” explained Nelson.

The girls all have their strengths and weaknesses, which is what makes it such a fun and unified team.

“We all have different interests in cheer and our own individualistic style when it comes to cheerleading,” she stated. 

Just like any other sport, all of the athletes’ hard work is paid off through all the fun that comes out of it!