A New Club at Farragut High is On the Rise

Founders of Farragut’s JSA. Selom Bediako (left) and Rena Liu (right).

Yesterday, Sep.25, was Junior State of America’s first meeting and marked the start of the club in room Y206. JSA was founded by Rena Liu and Selom Bediako, both sophomores, in order to form a place where students can express their passion for politics. The plans for JSA’s chapter at Farragut is attending upcoming conventions, involving debate and model congress, and creating political involvement for the future voters at this school. 

Meetings will be taking place every Wednesday. They will involve different topics that are chosen to be the main point of discussion to be resolved. With a supportive club community and organized leaders, the club is rising in popularity around the school.

Meg Frank, an attendee at the first meeting said, “It seems interesting and I believe it will help increase the amount of political awareness at Farragut.” 

Founder Rena Liu stated that,”It’s a great opportunity for students to express their political views in a safe, constructive environment. Feuding over opposing stances in a civil manner is what JSA strives for.”

The club had a successful beginning, and there is hope for a productive future as they grow and develop.