Homecoming New Scheduling


This past Saturday on Sept. 28th, Farragut High School hosted its annual homecoming dance. The theme of the night was announced as “A Night Under the Stars.” Doors officially opened at 8 p.m., and the dance lasted several hours into the night. Despite the general assumption that the dance would take place the night after the homecoming game, this year the scheduling was changed. Due to the homecoming game taking place before Fall Break weekend, the homecoming dance was scheduled a week prior. Spirit Week is set to proceed as normal the week after the dance, concluding with the game itself.

Farragut Junior and SGA member Nate Nelson shared his thoughts on the scheduling decision. 

“Well, for the last two years, Farragut has moved the homecoming dance to the day after the game. It originally took place on the same day of the game. This has been done to give any players, band members, or cheer team members a chance to properly prepare for homecoming.”  

When questioned on the week-long separation between the dance and game this year, Nate confirmed the scheduling issue. 

“So, basically, hosting the dance on Fall Break weekend would not work in anyone’s best interests. While some are confused on the dance preceding Spirit W7K,eek, I believe everything works out better this way.”

Farragut High School’s 2019 Homecoming worked out just as smoothly as the others we have attended in the past. We had no qualms over the theme, and plenty of time was provided for anyone to grab dinner with their friends or date before the dance. Despite this, we still believe the week-long buildup of school pride combined with the homecoming game would have enhanced the night. 

Some aspects of the new arrangement did stick out more noticeably. The usual pep rally before the game and subsequent dance known for uniting school pride has been pushed back. The official homecoming court is now set to be announced this Friday and did not affect on the dance, which left more time for students to consider their votes. 

The homecoming game serves as a major event for the school where the hype of the season reaches a new high and is celebrated at the dance. While some of this hype was absent from the dance, we believe the inversion of events provided a new experience students have not seen before. We now look forward to how homecoming week will play out next year.