An Interesting Turning Point in College Sports


Governor Gavin Newsom of California recently signed the Fair Pay to Play Act, which is a law that states that colleges in California can’t keep college athletes from earning endorsement money. His signing of the act was hosted by LeBron James on his television show called The Shop.

The law will start in January of 2023 and won’t require schools to pay athletes, but rather schools can’t block athletes from earning money. The law also allows players to have agents, and the NCAA’s president, Mark Emmert, is responding to this by sending letters to California lawmakers, telling them to not pass the bill. Emmert believes that the bill is bad for the college sports model and called it an “existential threat” in a recent CBS interview. The governor of the board for the NCAA, Michael Drake, describes how it would be bad for there to be different rules in different states after the law passes. The bill would create a recruiting advantage for colleges in California, but Nancy Skinner, the state senator of California, believes that other states will follow in the footsteps of California, which may lead to the law being enforced on a national level. The NCAA released a statement about adjusting their rules in a “realistic and modern sense.”