The Kingston Crusade


The Farragut and Bearden football game is undoubtedly one of the most important events of the school year. The Farragut Admirals and Bearden Bulldogs have been rivals for as long as anyone can remember, and each year when the two schools play each other, it is a battle of pride and long-rooted hatred. Farragut’s current record for this season is 3-4 and Bearden’s is 2-5.


This year, Farragut and Bearden SGAs have come up with a cool new tradition to encourage school spirit. The game will be renamed the “Kingston Crusade” and the winner of the game will get the Kingston Crown. It is named this because both schools are connected by Kingston Pike. This crown will be decorated with half Farragut and half Bearden memorabilia. The winner of the football game will be awarded the crown at the end of the game by the school’s student section leaders, and they will keep the crown for the entire school year. 

When asked about this new and exciting tradition, Farragut Student Government President Audrey Richards said, “We hope this encourages all of our Farragut students to come support our Ads as we fight to win the Kingston Pike crown!”

We know both schools are extremely excited to see the outcome of this game.

Bearden High School Senior Ashton Henderson says, “I think it’ll be a close game, it always is. It’s a different atmosphere than any other games. I think everyone–especially the players–care more about this game than the rest. I said earlier this year [that] we could lose every game but win against Farragut and I would be happy.” Ashton later states, “I think Farragut is looking for revenge and Bearden is looking to start a streak. It was our first time in a while winning last year. It was the best thing ever. I’ve never seen that much school spirit at Bearden.” When asked about the outcome, she says, “…I think it will be a close and good game more so this year than the past years because now both teams know what it’s like to lose to each other. But of course I think Bearden will win.” 

And of course, we think our Admirals will win. Considering both teams’ current records, Farragut is projected to win, yet it’s still going to be difficult considering both teams’ passion. 

We are surely excited to see what this new tradition will bring, and can’t wait to watch our Admirals beat the Bulldogs this Thursday at Bill Clabo Stadium at 7:30! Be sure to show up and support your Admirals! Who will be the king of Kingston Pike?? Show up and find out!!