Massive Typhoon in Japan


On Oct. 12, a typhoon hit near Tokyo, Japan. Typhoon Hagibis went south of Tokyo last Saturday, and then it eventually moved north, causing flooding. The massive typhoon brought Japan a hefty downpour that hasn’t been seen in six decades. A weather alert was issued to Tokyo and nearby areas that day around 7 PM. Yoshihide Suga, the Chief Cabinet Secretary, said that 376,000 people were without electricity and 14,000 had no running water the morning after the typhoon.

Japan has taken many actions to help the people with the aftermath of the typhoon. In Japan, over 27,000 military troops and other rescue crews have been deployed for relief operations. At this moment, forty-two people are dead, fifteen people are currently missing, and one hundred ninety-eight are injured. A seventy-seven-year-old woman died because she fell 100 feet while trying to be airlifted. 

A retired man named Toshitaka Yoshimur (who grew up in the Tsuno district of Nagano) was shocked to find his home completely destroyed by the storm. 

In an interview Yoshimura states, “I put a lot of effort in this house. I made all the furniture with my wife. Now look what happened in one day,” he said, with his voice trembling with emotion. “Now this makes me want to cry.” 

This storm had moved off land on Sunday. Japan’s authorities are doing all they can to help those stuck, injured, and missing due to Typhoon Hagibis.