PlayStation 5 Confirmed. New Features Revealed.


After leaks surfaced earlier this year, Sony has officially announced their next-generation console, which will be called the Playstation 5 (PS5). The console has been announced to debut before ¨Holiday 2020¨ season. This information has led to the expectation of a late November or early December 2020 release date.

The PS5 will feature a “completely revamped user interface” that will show off far more detailed social features on the home screen. Sony has also confirmed that the console will offer a disc drive, but all games will have to be installed to the internal SSD this time, unlike its predecessor the PS4.  Existing details revealed by Sony earlier this year include the eight-core CPU and a custom GPU, “3D audio,” support for 8K gaming, a much lower power consumption mode, and PS4 backwards compatibility.

The console will also be PSVR compatible, as VR technology is set to be implemented into the build of the GPU. One new VR twist is the development of a 3D hologram accessory for the PS5 for multiplayer games. A light emitter with an eye tracker could project an image directly to the player’s retina to give the impression of a hologram floating in mid-air.

Sony will let developers break up the installation of their games. Now players can first install just the multiplayer components or just the single-player campaign of a game on the PS5. Another new feature is the ability for players to see and launch directly into specific sections of a game, like a single-player level or multiplayer match, directly from the home screen. This is a major improvement from having to first launch the game and then navigate through the main menu.

Sony also announced several changes that it will be making to the DualShock controller designed for the PS5. Top among them is replacing the current rumble technology that Sony has been using since the original PlayStation. Now the new DualShock controller will use new haptic feedback technology that is said to offer a “broader range of feedback.”

A DualShock 5 controller featuring a microphone and Wi-Fi support would be to also register user commands and transmit them to Sony’s servers a lot faster than it would if everything had to be relayed through the console. The controller will also be making the jump to USB-C as well as other refinements like a larger battery and improved speakers.

While the official release date and storage capacity for the PS5 has not been revealed, new details are sure to come soon as the marketing campaign for the new console is soon to begin.


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