What Sets Farragut Apart


Among all of the Knox County Schools, Farragut High School has many aspects that separate it from all the rest. These unique characteristics combine to make Farragut an exciting and fun place for students to get their education. Some of these contributions come from the football field, ping pong tables, food trucks, the gum wall, and the addition of a Winter Formal this year! 

After Farragut won its State Championship title for football in 2016, they implemented a brand new jumbotron to congratulate their state champs. To this day, they are the only public school in all of Knox County with such an extravagant addition to their football field. This helps to encourage participation and overall school spirit at the games, creating a fun and exciting environment for students and parents alike. 

Farragut High School has ping pong tables in the commons. The senior principal, Mr. Smith, asked students at FHS if it would be a good idea to add ping pong tables to the cafeteria. Students loved the idea, and a few weeks later, the school added two ping pong tables along with cornhole. It seems that Farragut students are enjoying the new ping pong tables.

Alongside these new additions, Principal Bartlett provided a variety of food trucks during many of the lunches at Farragut. Although they are not there permanently, Bartlett occasionally does bring them in for all students to enjoy. This is an exciting incentive for students and something to look forward to at school. There are several different types of foods and drinks such as burgers, ice cream, tacos, etc. to ensure that every student will be satisfied. Once again, this is another aspect that sets the Admirals apart from its competing schools. 

Finally, Farragut High School’s infamous gum wall is another contributing factor that sets it apart from the rest. It is a back wall located behind the school, and it has allowed students a spot to stick their gum over the years. While it may not be everyone’s cup of tea, it is an ongoing tradition that many students appreciate and value, as it is a very unique part of the school.