An All Female Spacewalk Did Not Take Too Long


On Oct. 18, the first all female spacewalk was commenced for NASA’s 221st mission to support the International Space Station. Christina Koch and Jessica Meir completed the walk to fix a battery system outside the station. For reference, the first woman to be on a space walk team, Svetlana Savitskaya, was in 1984, and women have only participated in 42 of the 221 total spacewalks. However, this does not mean an all female spacewalk took too long to execute. 

There has only recently been a growth in female engineering specialists that have reached the qualifications needed to work on a space station. Of course, in the past, there was a prejudice against women going into that field of work, and few women had the opportunity. With science and engineering, the workers chosen should be selected based on capabilities rather than gender.

Instead of focusing on how long this achievement took, it should be seen as a milestone in the growth of women in fields that they had not been historically prominent in.


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