Life of a FHS Senior


Seniors around this time of year are stressed out. Most of them are busy with college applications and are stressed about drawing a future path for their next four years. The class of 2020 is graduating May 16, 2020, which marks the end of our high school career and in some ways our childhood. We won’t be living with our parents anymore. We will live in full autonomy for the first time in our lives. Back in 2016, entering freshmen year seemed like a daunting task, but we didn’t know that four years would fly by as fast as it did. While it may seem like everything is coming to an end so quickly, senior year offers a time to reflect on all the great things over the years at Farragut. 

Along with an ending, senior year brings with it many perks that students can take advantage of here. For example, seniors get to park in the less headache-inducing circle lot rather than the junior lot. Seniors also have more flexibility with their schedules, especially with easier class options like dual enrollment that allow them to roll into the senior lot at 10 a.m. on some days. These royalties don’t stop just at a nicer parking lot; seniors also have a way to get out of finals that started last year. If seniors are present for all but two days, they qualify for the incentive of getting to opt out of finals consequence free. 

Seniors have the most freedom in their schedule out of all the classes, especially if you play your cards right as an underclassman or junior. Technically, you don’t have to take a science class during senior year if you took care of all of them earlier. While you still have to take a math and English class, your social studies class is replaced with personal finance and macro/microeconomics, which most seniors will tell you are easier than most classes they have ever taken. Electives fill the rest of the majority of seniors’ schedules. The only reason a senior would have a hard class is if they chose that for themselves. 

We asked two seniors from Farragut High School, Emily Litrakis and Tony Lyons about how they felt about being a senior.

Emily responded, “My schedule is really easy and I am not taking any really hard classes.” When asked about how she feels about leaving she said, “It’s kind of sad knowing I’ll be leaving these years behind me; it’s like the end of an era. However, I am excited to be going to college.”

Tony Lyons when asked about his final thoughts of being a senior said,” It’s been pretty good. By opening myself up to learning, I’ve had a lot of fun and I have gained a lot of knowledge regarding what I want to do with my life.” 

Over the years, we went through some memorable times. Freshmen year was like a dose of reality where we would be at the bottom of the food chain. This was the time to make new friends at high school and get a taste of the high school curriculum and what is expected at this level. Sophomore year built on the experiences from freshman year. The bonds that you have formed with your friends from your first year will become even stronger. Sophomore year was also the time when we got our driver’s license and started to carry more responsibilities of our own. Junior year was by far the most difficult year, with testing and classes being the hardest its been. Going into senior year is when you have become most familiar with all of your classmates, and going through this journey together brings everyone closer together. The clubs, friends, activities, and even the teachers will always be in your memories as you wrap up this chapter to your life. All in all, high school was filled with great and not so great memories, but all of these experiences helped make us into the people we are today.