The Annual Farragut Can Drive


Annually, Farragut High School hosts its Can Drive, an event in which students can bring in cans to support and restock The Love Kitchen.

Yune Kim, the senior SGA president, described The Love Kitchen: “The Love Kitchen is a non-profit organization whose mission is to make sure that everyone has something to eat if they are hungry. Started by Helen and Ellen Ashe in 1984, The Love Kitchen now helps support hundreds of families in the Knoxville community.”

Despite Helen’s passing last year and Ellen’s in 2015, The Love Kitchen continues to accomplish its goals. On average, 166,400 meals are sold per year, with 3,200 meals served per week. Currently, 1,350 volunteers contribute and work with The Love Kitchen. One can volunteer and find out more about The Love Kitchen at their website, which can be accessed here.

This year, Farragut has set the individual class goal at 600 cans; cans are brought in directly or bought by SGA representatives using donated money. Therefore, one may either bring in money or cans to donate. Additionally, ramen noodles can also be used in the can drive; this item, however, is discouraged by some teachers because it lacks nutritional value and is cheaper than the average canned food item, providing an unfair advantage in the competition and doing a disservice to the families’ health.

Last year’s SGA president for the class of 2020, Franke Burgarhino, said, “The drive has become a tradition for us and has historically been among the greatest fund-raisers done at FHS. It’s an effective way to collaborate and give back to our communities. Each new year is almost a competition to beat the previous year’s numbers.”

Tomorrow, Oct. 25, marks the end of the can drive. First block classes that exceeded 600 cans get to take time from their class to build structures with the cans that were brought in. Overall, the Can Drive is a great way to provide incentive for Farragut students to help the community, and The Love Kitchen is always reliable with helping those in need.