Phone Use in Schools


Technology plays a very important role in our lives, and whether large or small, we all rely on it at some point in our day. The current generation, especially, seems to be very attached to their phones. Teachers and administrators have become more lenient with cell phone use during class and often use them as educational tools. Some people see phones as a distraction, but cell phones can be used as a beneficial tool to learn and master subjects. 

While phones are not allowed during the majority of the school day, there are times when teachers allow the use of phones. Websites and apps such as the popular game, Kahoot, and other interactive websites are helpful and fun ways for students to learn and study materials in class. The internet, as we all know, is the easiest way to get needed information. If you are in a class such as English or Journalism, phones can be very beneficial.

Ashleigh Nicholson, a junior and iPhone XR owner, says, “I use my phone to look up definitions of words, and we do research on the internet for journalism.”

Also, as online assignments become more popular and easy, teachers are transitioning to having assignments completed and submitted through online forums.

Although some believe phones are beneficial, others think they are detrimental to the students ability to focus. Social media, especially, can be very distracting to kids during the school day. Apps like Snapchat and Instagram can pull the attention away from the teacher and onto the phone. Also, texting and FaceTiming apps can be used for poor things. In contrast, communication is key during school. Staying up-to-date with the outside world can be helpful for students. 

Ashleigh states, “ I believe phones are very beneficial.”

When asking her what her favorite app is, Ashleigh says, “Snapchat for communication.”

Overall, there’s a time and place for phones during school hours. During lectures and individual class assignments, phones should be out tucked away in the students backpack, allowing the students to focus on the material being taught. When phones are used the right way and at the right time, they are very helpful to students and teachers.