Senior Skip Day Gone Wrong

Senior Skip Day Gone Wrong

Most people are aware of Senior Skip Day and know that it took place on Oct. 18 for Farragut High School. However, some people do not know that it was originally planned for this Friday, Nov. 1. Both days seem to work out fine since the Oct. 18 was the day after the Bearden football game, and this Friday is the day after Halloween. So why was such a drastic change made at the last moment, and why is it controversial to so many seniors?

Senior Skip Day is an annual tradition where all seniors take advantage of their seniority and all collectively miss a day of school. Many people were looking forward to Senior Skip Day being Nov. 1 after Halloween. However, some internal disagreements between Farragut seniors caused the rift in the decision of Senior Skip Day. Some of the football players were upset that the skip day on Nov. 1 would exclude them. Football players have to come to school in order to play the game that will take place later that day. As a result, the students who weren’t football players were irritated by a last minute change to reschedule the skip day. They were also unhappy that they would not be able to skip the day after such a widely popular holiday. Many students were excited about staying up all night to enjoy some fun and trick-or-treat and missing out on the next day. 

We asked Josh Jarnagin about the skip day being changed to after the Bearden game. Jarnagin was rather favorable of the change. He said, “I was actually ok with it because the Bearden game didn’t end until very late. It was also my birthday, so it was very convenient for me.” 

Nevertheless, Jacob King did not like the change. King said, “I wasn’t very happy because it was the day after Halloween, and we could have had a lot of fun. It’s also my birthday on Nov. 1, which is really inconvenient for me.” 

This may not seem like an issue because the people who want to skip on Nov. 1 do not have to skip on Oct. 18 and can wait until the first. However, this raises a few issues. First, it no longer feels like Senior Skip Day because not all seniors are skipping. Part of the tradition is that it is supposed to be a unified event, and if half of the senior body is going and the other isn’t, it just turns into a handful of individuals who cut class. The second issue is that some teachers understand that Senior Skip Day is a thing many students like to participate in and will try not to assign any work or tests on that day. This means that students who wanted to skip this Friday would be missing important school work that would be assigned. 

The senior attendance incentive also comes into play here. Senior Skip Day is not an excused absence, so missing that day counts as one of your two available days that can be missed. This is an issue because some people really want to skip the day after Halloween. If they do so, it would be their last unexcused absence, and they would have no room for sick days. This debacle has brought many issues to the table, and it seems that there should be more input on when this date is next year. However, students who have already missed two days see this situation as an absolute win and have enjoyed skipping both days this year.