AirPods Pro


On October 29, 2019 Apple released the brand new AirPods Pro, only seven months after the previous model debuted! 

When they had first launched, the earbuds had a unique and bizarre look that nothing of the time could compare to. Nowadays, however, you can hardly go through any city without spotting at least one person with Apple’s top remote earbuds. 

There are many major upgrades within the new model, starting with the overall size and appearance. The original buds had an angled and longer stem, while the Pros sit at a more oblique angle with shorter stems. Naturally with a shorter model, the charging case is also smaller and more portable. 

Alongside this, the eartips have also been redesigned in order to give a more comfortable fit. The previous airpods had a solid, rigid, piece, that was in turn replaced with a flexible and more snug fit. 

In order to fit everyone’s needs, AirPods Pro comes in three different sizes with tapered tips designed to fit your specific ear shape. With the addition of vents, pressure within your ears is equalized, alluding as if there is nothing in your ear at all. 

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However, the new look is not the only exciting thing about this sound revolution. Apple has created the concept of “anti-noise” in order to provide the best overall sound. They have an inward facing microphone that eliminates any unwanted noise from the outside. Noise cancellation is constantly altered while listening to music, podcasts, or calls at 200 times per second!

Anti-noise is not the only feature they have, as they also contain a transparency mode, in order to listen to everything going on around you. One simply holds down the force sensor at the end of the stem to switch between modes. Transparency allows for a sense and sound of naturalization when listening to the outside world around you with the earbuds in. 

This new case allows for a longer and more efficient battery life than ever imagined before. The wireless charging provides 4.5 hours of listening time through one charge, and one hour with only 5 minutes of charge. 

The brand new model comes with many perks and new features that expectedly revamp the overall price. Taking a $90 leap from the previous model, AirPods Pro can be found at any apple store sitting at a whopping $260.