KSI vs. Logan Paul


KSI came out victorious against Logan Paul in their rematch fight. The fight took place on Nov. 8, 2019 in the Staples Center in Los Angeles. The highly anticipated rematch was promoted by Eddie Hearn, an individual who is a well known boxing promoter and has promoted many famous professional boxers such as Anthony Joshua and Danny Jacobs. Media coverage around this event was widespread as many were talking about the intense attention that these two people have brought upon themselves. The fighters of this spectacle were KSI, whose real name is Olajide Olatunji, and Logan Paul. KSI’s career started out by him making FIFA videos on YouTube, and his channel quickly grew into other genres such as comedy and music. KSI is credited with popularizing this trend of having boxing matches take place among the YouTube community. It started when KSI fought fellow British YouTuber Joe Weller in what is considered the first official YouTube boxing match. KSI had some beef with Weller, and they decided to settle their differences in a match in which KSI would win via TKO. Logan Paul has similar upbringings with his career that started out with him making Vines. He quickly grew into a popular YouTuber, amassing millions of subscribers for his family friendly content. In terms of physical attributes, Logan Paul stood at 6’2 weighing in at 199.4 lbs with a 76 in. reach. KSI stood at 6’0 weighing in at 193.2 lbs with a 76 in. reach. In preparation for the fight, KSI’s camp included UK professional boxer Viddal Riley and Jeff Mayweather, while Logan Paul’s camp included former heavyweight champion Shannon Briggs. There is also a lot of money surrounding this fight as both fighters were guaranteed 900,000 dollars for fighting.

KSI vs. Logan Paul 2 is the second fight between the two. After KSI beat Joe Weller, KSI called out Logan Paul to fight him. Paul accepted the challenge and the fight was set to take place on August 25th, 2018 in Manchester, United Kingdom. The fight was infamously decided as a draw which shocked both KSI and Logan Paul along with their fans. The buildup to this rematch was largely based on redemption for both fighters in order to rightfully claim the title of true winner. While the first fight allowed for the fighters to wear headgear, the rematch would be a professional fight, which means no headgear and 10 oz. gloves are used. Many speculated that one of the fighters would get knocked out since there would be no headgear. 

The match consisted of six rounds with three minutes per round which is half of a standard boxing match. The referee for the night was Jack Reese, and the judges were Lou Moret, Patrick Russell, and Zachary Young. The fight itself went six rounds, which lead to the fight being decided on the judges’ scorecards. Moret scored the fight 56-55 for KSI, Young scored the fight 56-55 for Logan Paul and Russell scored the fight 57-54 for KSI. Therefore, KSI was deemed the winner based on split decision.      

Nevertheless, there was a lot of controversy surrounding the fight. Many boxing fans were upset and thought this would ridicule the sport. Boxing fans thought that professional boxers who have spent their whole lives training should be getting this kind of attention rather than a couple of YouTubers. Eddie Hearn adamantly defended this fight as he stated that this would bring new fans to boxing. Hearn also mentioned the rigorous training by both KSI and Logan Paul in preparation for this fight and said that both fighters deserve respect after their hard work. The fight itself also included controversy since Logan Paul was deducted 2 points for hitting KSI in the back of the head during Round 4. Paul thought that it was a push to the head rather than a punch and appealed to the boxing commision. The boxing commision rejected Paul’s appeal and said that the referee made the right decision.

All in all, the fight was widely talked and had much buzz from both US and UK media. Many celebrities were in attendance such as Justin Beiber, Lil Baby and Rick Ross. With YouTube growing out of its shell and quickly expanding into new industries, people are wondering more and more about the potential future of YouTube.