FHS Student Taking on Rodeos For Two Years Now

FHS Student Taking on Rodeos For Two Years Now

A fellow student here at Farragut High School, Brylan Dickey, sat down with us to tell a little bit about her past partaking in rodeos. 

“It is just something I have always been interested in. I have been riding horses for my entire life, but I just started competing in rodeos two years ago.”

It is quite an exciting sport; however, it takes a lot more than just the ability to ride. It is competitive, demanding and hardcore. To be successful, it requires determination, agility and focus.

“My favorite part about the ride is the adrenaline. It makes you really tense because it is so competitive and all about time.”

There are many types of rodeos one can participate in, and Dickey competes in barrel races and pole bending. The concept of barrel racing is the horse and the rider attempt to complete a cloverleaf pattern around preset barrels. Pole bending is when the horse and rider run a weaving path around six poles arranged in a line. These two events are very different, but share the same objective: complete the course as fast as possible. It is a lot of pressure, however, this Farragut High School student excels under this kind of pressure. 

Dickey plans on continuing her career and involvement in the sport she loves for as long as she can. Diverse interests and hobbies are what make Farragut High School a place filled with creative, determined and well rounded students, and it benefits greatly from students like Brylan Dickey.