Olympics 2020

Olympics 2020

For the second time in fifty-six years, Japan will be hosting the Summer Olympic Games in the year 2020. 

2020 Summer Olympics logo new.svg
Olympic logo for 2020 games

According to the organizers of the event, the Games of the modern era will be, “the most innovative ever organised and will rest on three fundamental principles to transform the world: striving for your personal best; accepting one another; and passing on a legacy for the future.”

There will be a total of thirty-three Olympic sports and twenty-two Paralympic sports to compete in. The Olympic games will kick off on July 24 with preliminary softball and soccer matches. These games will last until Aug. 9, followed by a two week break right before the Paralympic games, which will be held from Aug. 25 to Sept. 6. Within each different sport, there are different disciplines that define each athletic aspect. 

The games will be held across nine prefectures, with the majority in Heritage Zone and the Tokyo Bay Zone. The Heritage Zone has been revamped since the last summer games in 1964 and will use the same buildings that it previously had. The Tokyo Bay Zone has been designed to serve as “a model for innovative urban development.” 

The Sapporo Dome, located on the island of Hokkaido for soccer, and the Fukushima Azuma Baseball Stadium in are two venues outside of Tokyo that are holding games. 

It is expected that over 600,000 foreigners are planning to travel overseas to Japan’s capital to watch the games in person. 

Japan started to build the 2020 Olympics arena back in December of 2016, (around 14 months later than planned) after the original design was dismissed due to a public outcry over the cost. The expense was around $1.25 billion, and the arena, which can oblige 60,000, will host the sports and soccer events during the Games. 

Five new sports have been added to the Olympic lineup including skateboarding, “sports climbing,” surfing, karate, and baseball/softball, making the number of sports thirty-three. Alongside this, they are also adding additional events to previously competed sports and focusing on gender equality. 

Shortly after the first round of tickets were sold, controversy arose over the terms and conditions that stated no one was allowed to post any commercial reproduction of photos or videos on any social media platform. The organizers have stated that they will be withholding copyrighting any photos taken by ticket holders.