Samantha Josephson’s Murder Case

Samantha Josephsons Murder Case

March 29, 2019  After a long night in downtown Columbia, S.C., University of South Carolina student Samantha Josephson got separated from her friends and roommates. Tired, she decided to call an Uber at 2 a.m. to go back to her room. She then mistook her uber for a Chevy Impala and got into the car.

Upon hopping in, Nathaniel David Rowland put on his child locks to prevent the student from leaving. Rowland than drove 65 miles to a nearby county, where her body was found by turkey hunters 14 hours later. Rowland was found in his car the next morning. Investigators say that the blood found in the car matched Josephson’s blood. Her death is said to have been caused by “multiple sharp injuries” according to local law enforcement. Rowland has been arrested for kidnapping and murder.

Her father, Seymour Josephson, said he wants others to learn from what happened and be more cautious while using these driving services. He urges people to travel in groups instead of going into cars alone.

 A $5,000 GoFundMe is set to raise funds for her funeral and has already received $50,000 in pledges. Services were set in April to remember this fun-loving girl who her friends and family loved.