Shane X Jeffree Conspiracy collection


On Nov. 1, Jeffree Star and Shane Dawson launched their collaboration, Conspiracy Collection. Fans have been waiting for almost a whole year for the palette to drop. The idea of the palette came about when YouTuber Shane Dawson made his first documentary series about Jeffree’s life. Toward the end of that series, they entertained the thought of them coming out with a collection together. Jeffree, who is a makeup brand owner and YouTuber, had encouraged the idea. Eventually, the two came together and decided to put the plan into action.

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With them deciding to make a palette, Shane wanted to film raw uncut footage of how the entire process goes when making a palette. He and his film partner, Andrew, titled the seven part series The Beautiful World of Jeffree Star.  The title was fitting because the ability to film the whole process of making the palette would allow the fans to have insight on what goes on in the beauty industry.  

Within the first 24 hours after the launch, the whole collection had sold out across the United States both in stores and online. Shane was astonished by the results because throughout the series he thought that the palette would not sell that well.

After fans got their palettes, there were a few unhappy ones. When the collection launched online, the website had crashed, causing customers to miss buying some of the products that were in their carts. Both Shane and Jeffree tweeted out that they should be expecting a full restock at the beginning of 2020.

Another reason why some fans were upset was that in the trailer for the series, Shane had teased putting in drama that goes on in the beauty world. Fans were patient, but by the sixth episode they were started to become irritated. People began to believe that he only teased the drama to get more views and to advertise his palette. Shane went on Instagram Live to discuss the issue. He said that he really had thought about not putting the “tea” in because it was past drama, and he really did not want to bring anything old up. Ultimately, in the finale, he gave people what they wanted by dedicating 10 minutes to the drama out of the whole hour and twenty minutes of the episode.