Farragut National Art Honors Society Bake Sale

Farragut National Art Honors Society Bake Sale

National Art Honors Society (NAHS) is a club at Farragut High School that serves to recognize and motivate students with an interest or excellent ability in art. This past Friday, the club held a bake sale in the commons. Students of the club spent time making homemade goods including cake pops, chocolate covered pretzels, brownies, and various assorted cookies. Students in the club made and sold these baked goods to benefit the Big Brothers Big Sisters of East Tennessee, a national organization that partners kids facing hardships with mentors, in hopes to see all children achieve success in life. Students could purchase two baked goods for $1; half of the proceeds went to the charity, and the other half went to the club to purchase arts and crafts supplies. 

The money that will be given to the charity will go towards arts and craft supplies for the kids as well. Children and mentors will be given big puzzle pieces that they can paint and decorate in any way they choose. In the end, the mentor and the child will have pieces that fit together. It’s a great bonding experience for both the student and the mentor. 

Farragut High School student and NAHS club member Janine Morris worked the bake sale throughout the school day on Friday along with several other of her fellow club members. 

She said, “NAHS is a great way to get to know the community,” and she has really enjoyed getting involved in the club.

“There are so many people that I never would have become this close with if I wasn’t involved.”   

The club also helped push her toward more art classes that she would enjoy and to serve the community in many ways. 

“I love making a difference, and we’re always working to make that happen.” 

Similar to National Honors Society (NHS, which is another club Farragut offers), the club helps many students who are preparing to enter into the artistic realm for college. 

She said, “It has prompted me to start preparing to build portfolios to give to colleges.” 

Whether it’s preparing students for college, getting involved in school or the community, or helping students realize their artistic potential, NAHS helps many students come together and succeed.