Farragut Basketball off to 3-0 Start

Farragut Basketball off to 3-0 Start


This past weekend the Farragut Admirals held two Hall of Fame games against Morristown West and CAK. Heading into the weekend with a win from their first game of the season, they continued to win. Going 2-0 on the weekend, Farragut advanced to 3-0. 

In the first game, Farragut defeated Morristown West 53-50 in a comeback win. The Admirals were lead by Robby Geron with 14 points. Kaleb Vanacker and Jake Wallace each had 10 points. Farragut allowed just three points in the fourth quarter, leading to a comeback win. Shooting only 41%, Farragut’s fourth quarter defense won them the game. In their last game against Alcoa, Farragut shot around 60%, so they had to step up their defense since they were not shooting as well. With the defensive step-up in the fourth quarter, the Admirals advanced to 2-0.

Farragut team stats:                                Morristown West team stats:

Rebounds: 31                                                    Rebounds: 28

Steals: 12                                                            Steals: 3

Blocks: 3                                                             Blocks: 5

FG%: 41%                                                          FG%: 35% 

3PT%: 23%                                                       3PT%: 27%

FT%: 75%                                                          FT%: 64%


In the next game, Farragut beat CAK 71-66. The leading scorers were Kaleb Vanacker with 15 points and Robby Geron with 13. In this game, Farragut shot much better at 57%. However, their defense was not as good, allowing 66 points rather than only 50 that Farragut allowed against Morristown West. Also, CAK shot three pointers much better, shooting almost 20% higher than Farragut. However, it was not enough, and Farragut improved to 3-0.

Farragut Team Stats:                                               CAK Team Stats:

Rebounds: 27                                                                     Rebounds: 29

Steals: 7                                                                               Steals: 11 

Blocks: 1                                                                              Blocks: 2

FG%: 57%                                                                           FG%: 45%  

3PT%: 25%                                                                         3PT%: 44%

FT%: 58%                                                                           FT%: 71%

Robby Geron said the following about the games this weekend, “The games went fairly well. We went 2-0, but didn’t play as good as we can. The competition was decent, but it was nothing that should have thrown us off or given us a challenge. We need to improve in transition D and execution on offense, but the best part about being 3-0 is there is a chance to be 4-0. We were missing some key guys and still found ways to win which was good. Without some good players, still finding a way to win is very important.”

Kaleb Vanacker also commented on the games and said, “It felt really good, and it’s good to keep moving in the right direction. We need to keep working hard everyday and play smart and with confidence. We need to work on just playing a little smarter and faster and notice the details.  With some people out, some players needed to step up and take responsibility and work hard and do what they were coached to do, and that’s exactly what they did.”

After several successful Hall of Fame games, Farragut will be hosting a Thanksgiving tournament this upcoming week and weekend. They will try to keep up their undefeated record and will try to come out with their first ever Farragut Thanksgiving Tournament trophy.